Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rosemary Wood 12th May 2013

The 3rd club match of the year was on Rosemary Woods Moss Lake (www.rosemarywood.co.uk). I have fished Rosemary Woods Isalnd pool a couple of times but never fished Moss Lake. But I was aware it was a larger open water with a lot of skimmers and stockies to target.

Unfortunately only seven anglers turned up and we fished the far bank. However with the clubs better anglers missing there was a big chance of getting a match win.
 It was decided we would leave a spare peg beside each angler so everyone would have a bit of room, this turned out a false promise as each peg had rushes going straight our for about eight metres.

I drew peg 29 which was about in the middle of the bank. The weather was overcast but very windy with rain expected later in the day.

I decided on a simple approach, method feeder about 25 yards and two pole lines at the end of the rushes on both sides as it was too windy to go any further out. Plumming up the two pole ines I found I only had two foot of water and was sceptical about catching this shallow with the recent cold weather.
The pole rig was 0.15-0.13 with a 16 hook. I decided to feed one line with meat, throwing 5-6 6mm cubes every min or so with a 6mm piece on hook. On the opposite side I would feed 4mm pellets the same way with 4mm expander or corn on the hook.
For the method feeder my mix was 50% micros 25% Sonubaits F1 and 25% Sonubaits Crushed Expander. For the hook I had a few different baits to play with but I decided to mainly use Sonubaits Krill or White Chocolate band ums and dead red mags.

At the all in I feed both lines with a large Frenzee Soft pot before casting the method feeder. Five minutes in and the tip shot round and the first fish of the day was on, however a eight ounce skimmer managed to shed the hook at the net.

The next hour went by with plenty of liners but no bites. I chaged baits and how ofgten I left between casts in an attempt to get a bite. Eventually, just over an hour in, a decent pound plus skimmer made its way to the net; this was caught on dead reds.
The next two put ins resulted in two stockie carp, one probably only six ounce the other a good pound and half. Then no more bites just the odd liner.

By now the rain had come and was the lack of bites was making it a very miserable session.

After two and a half hours I tried my pole lines, I had ten minutes on each but with not even getting a liner these lines were ditched to sit it out on the method.
I managed another couple of skimmers and a stockie all on dead reds. It seemed that if I was going to get a bite it would be around ten minutes after casting. There were plenty of liners, especially in the first minute or so after casting but nothing that would develop.
In the final hour I had another ten minutes on each pole line with no joy so back to the method and I managed one more stockie on a krill band um.

At the all out I knew most hadn’t caught too many but George Boydell one peg down had certainly seemed to catch double the fish I had.

At the weigh in I had 8lb 2oz which was good enough for 3rd with Alan Bennett catching 26lb and George Boydell 16lb. Both anglers caught on the method.

Afterwards we was told 80lb had won the previous day, all had been caught up in the water on the pellet waggler. Which now makes sense with all the liners I was having more likely to have been fish up in the water rather than fish attacking my feed. Bit disappointing really as I had my pellet waggler set up but never used due to the wind.
Something I need to improve is watercraft and decision making as if I had realised the liners were fish up in the water I may have been able to get a few more fish. Especially as no one else was fishing up in the water.